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  08-13-2009, 09:08 AM
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I am currently working on Song of the South. I have three sources to work from:

Japanese Laserdisc (NTSC)
Hong Kong Laserdisc (DVD copy)

The VHS is actually the best source, however, the LD has great detail. I know I can combine the luma from the LD and the chroma from the VHS. I will probably do this. But for now I am just trying to make the VHS look as good as possible.

Here are a few captured frames from the VHS. Please give me your advice on how best to improve it. Specifically, I am concerned with the glow of the red color, and the edge enhancement. Also, if anything can be done to stabilize and steady the image. I know of no filter so far that can straighten out the waviness of vertical objects. I do have a TBC, but I am not certain how best to make use of it.

raw frame grabs here:


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