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  11-13-2011, 12:58 AM
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As is the case with most shows and movies, you have to realize that what you're about to watch will probably be at least a little bit unrealistic. And then there are those shows that are so mindblowingly unbelievable, you wonder how the writers believed that viewers would think it could actually occur.

Such is the case with the final season of Hogan Family. It's been a relatively good show up until this point, but the show, having already been cancelled by NBC, but later picked up by CBS, is now so outlandish that it's laughable. A classic example is "From Russia with fries", this episode is from late 1990.

Mark and Willie (the twins, who look nothing like each other, are nowhere near in height and weight and one is white while the other is Hispanic) are displeased that they will miss the Rolling Stones concert because they have to work at their job (Bossy Burger, what appears to be a local burger joint with a really cool logo btw). Lloyd (Grampa) doesn't like the Rolling Stones because i guess the writers want to meet the stereotype that all older people hate popular music, yet the Stones have been around since the 60's, so whatever. The twins also mention that Russians will be coming to the restaurant because they are interested in building a franchise in Moscow. Not really sure that a bunch of people would travel all that way to build a franchise for a local restaurant that is not fancy by any means, but this episode is going to get alot more implausible. Stay tuned.

So Mark and Willie are working at Bossy Burger, when Lloyd shows up suddenly with tickets to the Stones. I don't know really why he would do this since it's obvious that they are working, but nothing logical applies in this episode. But there's that nagging problem of who will mind the place. Willie phones 2 other brothers who work there, and informs Mark, who is left in charge, that they can cover for them. But they need time to get there, and it just so happens that Sandy and Mrs. Poole (Sandy Duncan and Edie McClurg) are in the area and stop by.

Sandy and Mrs. Poole put on the aprons while the Mark, Willie and Lloyd head for the concert, despite the fact that neither Sandy or Mrs. Poole are employed there, have not been trained, and their coworkers must be wondering what they are doing there. Plus, how are they going to open and be in charge of the cash register? Sandy and Mrs. Poole decide to help themselves to some free banana shakes (yeah right), when suddenly the Russians arrive (a day early).

Not surpisingly, the Russians are hungry from a long journey and come up with a huge order. Mrs. Poole attends to the cooking while Sandy gets the shakes ready, but instead of grabbing the shake mix, grabs a bottle of RAT POISON!! By this point, I'm laughing out loud at how unreasonable this episode is. I'm sure they're just going to put a bottle of rat poision up there with the cooking ingredients.

Sandy eventually realizes this mistake, and takes the shakes away from the Russians, who are enjoying them, but instead of having 911 called, she attempts to convey to them what has happened, which isn't going so well because the Russians don't speak good English. She eventually gets the message through, by which point the manager comes in and informs her that it's not rat poison, but secret sauce. So the Russians have been enjoying shakes with secret sauce in them, which is not likely at all. Mark and Willie come back and are fired.

The B Story finds David (Jason Bateman) breaking an heirloom watch that had just been given to him. his buddy Bert just happens to come from a long line of watch repairers (how convenient) and fixes the watch, but David drops it down the sink a few seconds later, and turns the garbage disposal on. Uh-huh. Michael regales us with tales of how he kept the watch in mint condition, even when it was next to a hand grenade and when he jumped out of an airplane into a rice patty.

Unreal. Thankfully, the show managed to redeem itself with its swan song "The Best of Friends, the Worst of Times" in which David learns that his best pal Rich has AIDS. (which was a pretty new affliction at the time). The show would burn off a few more episodes in the summer, one of which was a Christmas episode.

So have you seen any shows that are so implausible that it's hilarious? I think this might be a fun subject to talk about.
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