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  09-29-2013, 07:31 PM
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All the candy is out....and it is driving me crazy.

I remember loving the halloween pumpkin peep when I was a kid. It was ONE large pumpkin, and man...those were so awesome.
Followed by sugar daddies, or junior mints- those were my favorites- I begged borrowed and pleaded with friends to trade for that.

Now, peeps has changed through the years. There are bubblegum flavor, strawberry, chocolate--they really altered and changed them. Some good, some bad...
And I notice how many other candies have changed--M&M's there was plain and peanut...
Now, sheesh mint, raspberry, peanut, crispy, cherry...you name it.

Hershey kisses, same thing-
I am all for innovation but sometimes a classic is a classic and should be.
Like Rolo.

Anyhow the candy is out....curious who likes what....I hope my kids get a lot of junior mints...all I am saying. If ever a child had to earn his keep, trick or treating counts!!
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  09-29-2013, 09:37 PM
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I liked candy corn!
But they're too sugary now, and I can't get near them. I dislike almost all candy now. Too sweet.
I'm the weirdo that'd rather have an apple or a trick/joke.

These days, I like cookies for sugary snacks. Anything with nuts is my favorite, especially homemade.

Nobody trick or treats around here. And that's honestly fine by me. Just call me the Grinch of Halloween!
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