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  08-26-2014, 08:38 AM
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Im looking for someone who speaks Japanese fluently, to translate my Japanese sets to english. I only just started to learn, but I am already swamped with other projects and need some help. I will send a free set to you, for doing the work. It will be done with professional menus and include any extras I have.

I do have some rules to how it has to be done, as it will help me, when it comes down to do the editing and adding the subs to the set.

1) MUST be done in script format, this will make it easy to add the subs.
2) Send it as a PDF file when finish, use the program celtx or adobe story.
3) The Japanese words must be in brackets next to the english translation.

Here is a example of how i would like the script to look like, to make easy to do for both sides.

Titile - Kamen rider Gaim.

EXT.Gaim headquarters.Day

How does this thing work? (Japnese words)

Removes the orange lock seed and put the lemon lock seed in his belt. Tries to transform, but the lock seed CRASH to the floor. A grey invs appear. Kouta puts the orange lock seed in his belt and press the mini sword down.

Henshin (transform)

A big zip appears above his head and a orange falls down onto his head and transforms into Kamen rider Gaim. Kouta fights the invs.

You don't have to wright the action, I just did that for the fun of it. just the scene it is happening at, INT- interior. EXT- Exterior. then just what the person says on that scene. I will list the sets i got later, but would love to have someone on board to help me out. credit will be given and also future opportunity to work on one of my short film projects.
Im back for trades part time, Email me at chloeseabrook@gmail.com if you want my updated trade list on excel.
My list- http://www.tvpreservation.com/forum/...ted-10668.html
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