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I collected the books when I was a kid...helk, I still have them- and if at a used book store I see them- I still buy them.

So was I surprised when I saw a 2 dvd set of Choose your own adventure on DVD>

I bought them for 5.99 (for both) and i watched one this weekend.

Really well done.

if you have kids, or just want to have your childhood matched with today's technology give it a try.

There are 2 titles that I found/bought

Abonimable Snowman
Choosing from an interactive menu that yields 11 possible story lines, you, the viewer, get to decide how three young siblings will rescue their uncle from the clutches of the yeti in the Himalayas. Based on the popular series of Choose Your Own Adventure books by R.A. Montgomery, this animated adventure features an all-star voice cast, including William H. Macy, Frankie Muniz, Felicity Huffman, Lacey Chabert, Daryl Sabara and Mark Hamill.

(yes this is what Mark hamill has been up to)

and the second is Curse of the mummy
Teenagers Jack and Josh are at the local museum to do some research for their school science project. Soon, however, they find themselves running for their lives when an ancient cursed mummy begins to stalk the dusty halls. The boys could use a little help to escape the evil mummy's grip of death -- and they're hoping you can provide it. Only your careful decisions can save them in this animated interactive adventure.

Anyhow I just thought this was a cool blast from the past, mixed in to todays world.

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