12-07-2005, 07:48 PM
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I know most people don't like to do these things, but it's easy to get, easy to pay off, and just as easy to call and cancel.

If you sign up for the AMAZON.COM VISA card, you get a $30 coupon that you can use instantly.

Merely go to amazon.com, order whatever you want (I bought two of the new DISNEY TREASURES sets), and go to your shopping cart and check out. You'll then log into your account (or sign up for a new one), and when you get to the payment screen, you can sign up online for the card. It took like 2 minutes to fill out the one-page form. I waited 3-4 minutes, and then hit reload on the form when nothing happened, and I told it to go ahead and RETRY. It told me I was approved, the window closed, and it took me back to my amazon.com order page, with all the payment info filled out, and with a $30 credit applied.

When I get my bill for $19 (that's one heck of a nice savings, FYI), I'll pay it off. Next month, I'll call them up, have them cancel it, and then I'll cut up the card.

End of story. $30 for free.

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  12-08-2005, 08:32 AM
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Thanks LS! I got it! Now I gotta figure out what to get
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