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I got to get some discs, as i am on my last 20 discs. So which ones of these verbatium dvd's should i get - http://svp.co.uk/searchresults.php?sSrch=Verbatim+dvd

I only have 20 to spend in paypal and thats it, i can't risk spending anymore as the 200 i got is my college money.

I'm only getting them as they don't have the datawrite i want, and LS would like verbatim.
Im back for trades part time, Email me at chloeseabrook@gmail.com if you want my updated trade list on excel.
My list- http://www.tvpreservation.com/forum/...ted-10668.html
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  08-12-2008, 01:00 AM
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These are what I buy for myself and others most of the time:

These are all excellent choices too:

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Price are PRETTY MUCH IDENTICAL to what it costs in the USA or Canada. It's about $15-18 for a 50-pack, or $70 for a 200-pack. To spend any less money will get you crappy discs from CMC, fakes, RITEK, etc. With cheaper media, all you save is maybe $5, but you end up with tons of coasters and discs that must be replaced. Verbatim tends to burn 100% perfect all the time.

For your 20, you can pick up 2x 50-packs, so 100 discs. That's a good price. And those are archival-grade discs.

Use them for special needs, such as fellow CPS members, your own masters of sets, etc. Keep the cheap ones for people you don't like, non-CPS, etc. We like the good stuff here, we've got higher expectations.

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