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Hello I'm Nancy, (waving from sunny Florida)
and I recently started watching a series from the early 60's called The Detectives which not only had Robert Taylor but a very young (anfd hot) Marc Goddard Tige Andrews (of Mod Squad fame) and an equally young and good looking pre Batman Adam West.

So I started looking around, and all I've been able to find are a couple of two episode vhs sets (the company is sharpco if that means anything) and some four episode dvd sets with the logo TVCLASSICS on the bottom of the cover.

Has anyone ever heard of these and if so would you know where I can start looking for them?

Anyway, it's a shame this was never really marketed, given what a big star Robert Taylor was and how many fans both Marc Goddard and Adam west still have.
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  01-25-2013, 07:52 PM
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Hmm....there was a user that frequented the site that is now retired, he was the largest crime/detective collector I ever met, in his late 70's so he had a lot of things..He had a 26 dvd set of this show....i'll email him and see if he has it still , or knows where to look.. if this is the show http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052463/ it was on 3 years and not terribly early should be someone who can dig up some episodes elsewhere..but I know a 26 dvd set exists Nancy....fingers crossed we can turn it up..
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I looked too for this for you. What I found is they released the whole set in Germany ... but only in German. That's actually weird, because most German DVDs have the original English sound track. So I have to wonder if it's correct? There's very little information out there on this show.

It was known as "Kein Fall für FBI" there. And you can get it from Amazon.de

I wonder if you can take that perfect set, and audio from the unknown-quality (likely crappy) set on iOffer.com, and make a good set? I'd think so.
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SavageAmusement and lordsmurf (love that name) thank you so much for your offers to help. I've even contacted the Library of Congress (believe it or not they only have three episodes on file themseves and I have two of them!) but to purchase a copy of the one I need it will only cost me $2.00., now I'm down to needing just 15! If I have to track them down one by one then so be it. (Why yes, I can be stubborn and determined, why do you ask? LOL.) As you can tell I already got the 26 disk set but from sell.com and you are right the quality of the eps is down right crappy. I guess at this point I should count myself lucky that I have found this much.

lordsmurf, I'll ask Youngest Son how to redub (I guess that's what it would be) the German dvd's. If anyone can figure out how to do that it would be him. After all he was the one who taught me how to use the computer - when he was nine!

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