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  07-19-2010, 09:27 AM
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Tday's GCD feature article is about surviving a Comic Con: http://www.geekchicdaily.com/story/c...survival-guide

Now while, that's great and all, I'm taken off guard by the accompanying photo. At first it looks like Marilyn Monroe dress-up. Then I realize it's supposed to be Battlestar Galactice Ceylons.

Name:  CylonsForWeb.jpg
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Avert your eyes from the female on the right (who is telling us that it's very chilly there! )

Is it just me, or does the "girl" in the middle look more like a boy.

... having horrible flashbacks of Man-Faye now.

San Diego Comic-Con is a dangerous place. Stormtroopers patrol the hallways, the long lines can feel like torture and there’s the very real risk that Thursday’s panel featuring both Joss Whedon AND J.J. Abrams might actually cause your head to explode.

So for your own protection, you might want to pack these things if you’re heading off to Cali:

List of SDCC Exclusives Going to Comic-Con is great. Rubbing your friends’ faces in the fact that you were there and they weren’t is even better. And the best way to do that is to come back loaded exclusive convention collectibles. Check the full list to make sure you don’t miss anything awesome.

Spider-Man backpack With all the merch you’ll pick up, you’ll need something to carry it in. And what could be better than a backpack that looks like you have a webslinger-shaped tumor growing on your back?

Captain America Boot Covers There’s a reason superheros chose to fly instead of tromping around all day getting boot-inflicted blisters. Do yourself a favor when you get costumed up: Instead of wearing real boots, wear comfortable shoes with these boot covers over them.

Tru Blood Walking all day builds up a mighty thirst, so pack a sixer of Tru Blood. Unlike the drink in the titular HBO show, this beverage isn’t made of synthetic human plasma, although it is made to taste like blood oranges. Same dif.

Superman underwear Nothing will power you through the conference like having Superman’s emblem on your junk. Note: Con vets always pack a spare pare in case they see something that gets them so excited they crap themselves.

Backup plan If you couldn't get tickets to the sold-out con, don't worry, our friends at The Rundown have put together a list of the coolest unofficial events happening in the area like free Comedy Central live standup and a Star Wars burlesque show.

And forget about meeting all those comic icons and movie stars, stop by the Heavy Metal booth and meet the guys from GCD! We’d love to say hi, plus you'll get a free GCD sticker that you can either keep or stick on someone else, someone like one of the Cylons pictured here! Man, your friends back home are gonna be so jealous…

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