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Ha ha I must have been asleep this week I did not know there was anyone saying it was

A representative for Warner Bros. Animation has confirmed that despite the current spreading rumors, The Batman is currently in no danger of being cancelled.

Rumors of the show's demise began to spread earlier this week when a simple comment posted on the Legions of Gotham fansite concerning the show's current post-production status was misunderstood, leading the site webmaster and many others to erroneously believe the show was heading for the ax.

The show is presently wrapping up post-production on its current 39 episode order and is looking forward to a new pick-up order later this year of at least 13 episodes. Thirteen additional episodes will bring the show's tally up to 52, making it eligible for syndication. According to Warner Bros. Animation, there is no reason for any fans of the show to worry.

Stay tuned to The World's Finest and Toon Zone News for an interview with Duane Capizzi -- producer, story-editor, and writer for The Batman. Capizzi will discuss the series, its current post-production status, and what's in store for The Batman's future. The new season of The Batman begins September 17th on Kids WB.
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  08-25-2005, 10:13 PM
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I need to dig out the season two set I got and see what eps Im missing it had all of the Canadian eps from DLs, very nice quality, I know it has up to the Butler and Grundy I just dont know what else.

I wonder if those two discs will match up with your set lol, since I am getting S1 from you I might as well get all of S2 from you, just use what I got as a place holder until I get the season. Then record season 3 sept as a back up to you

Dang 39 eps already how time flies lol.

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