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  07-02-2006, 10:40 PM
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In an interview in the current issue of Toyfare about the cancellation of JLU and Teen Titans (called Tooning Out), JLU Creator/Producer Bruce Timm reveals what they had planned for another season:

"We had talked briefly about doing 13 more episodes." he recalls. "We had an idea of doing something that would be a season-long journey through time. It would give us a chance to revisit a bunch of DC heroes from different periods. We'd go to the far future and see the Atomic Knights, have an adventure with Enemy Ace during World War I, or do something again in the Old West. And there was also talk of possibly doing a whole season taking place in the Batman Beyond Universe."

He goes on to say

..."I know a lot of fans were a little dissapointed that we didn't give a complete resolution to the Hawkgirl and Green Lantern romance. But you can put two and two together and imagine what happens."

In talking about replacements the following was mentioned:

-Cartoon Network has also ordered a Plastic Man short
-Doom Patrol as a series is still a rumor at this point
-Teen Titans may return as a "re-branded series"
-JLU may return after its been off the air long enough, currently it is being sold in syndication
-DC is moving to long-form based products meaning more and more direct to video adventures of possibly JLU and Teen Titans because they are more economical.
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