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  03-13-2007, 12:07 PM
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The following images were photographed by CPS member ALTEK when the cast and crew of Transformers were shooting scenes in Detroit, Michigan, sometime during late 2006.

Captions are below each image...

The film crew said," This tractor trailer was to be set on fire." Downtown Detroit on "Fort Street" during rainy day outside.

Film crew working on trailer to be set on fire.

Tractor trailer "to be set on fire" with film crew at trailer. Downtown Detroit on "Fort Street" during rainy day outside.

Downtown Detroit, Shelby Street. Reporters interviewing people watching the film crew.

Downtown Detroi, Fort Street, in front of old and unused Federal Reserve Bank Building. Actors will be running in front of this building.

Downtown Detroit, Shelby Street. Camera on vehicle to film in front of building where people (actors) are running.

Actors running down Fort Street.

Corner of Fort and Shelby. Actors preparing to run down street. Note those vehicle license plates are not Michigan license plates.

Fort Street. Actors dressed as construction workers, preparing to run.

Downtown Detroit, Fort Street. Actors running, dressed as construction workers and office workers.

Thanks to ALTEK for this little treat! Enjoy!

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