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  06-22-2009, 05:20 PM
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Get it at http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...SIN=B0027ISIZ2

# Format: PAL
# Region: Region 2
# Number of discs: 2
# Classification: PG
# Studio: Clear Vision Ltd
# DVD Release Date: 22 Jun 2009
# Run Time: 263 minutes

This 2 disc set features all 13 episodes of the Silver Surfer series, never before seen on DVD. The episodes are as follows:

Episode #1 - The Origin of the Silver Surfer - Part I
When the peaceful planet of Zenn-La is threatened by the hunger of Galactus, Norrin Radd intervenes and is transformed into the cosmic roamer, the Silver Surfer.

Episode #2 - The Origin of the Silver Surfer - Part II
Devoid of memory and understanding, the Silver Surfer relentlessly searches for worlds for Galactus, but cannot escape rising pangs of human conscience.

Episode #3 - The Origin of the Silver Surfer - Part III
An attack on Earth is a step too far for the Silver Surfer. With The Fantastic Four, his rebellion against Galactus leads to the disappearance of Zenn-La and a quest to find his longtime lover and homeland.

Episode #4 - The Planet of Dr. Moreau
Whilst searching for help to return to Zenn-La, the Silver Surfer finds himself instead leading the Trolls in a planetary rebellion against the Kree.

Episode #5 - Learning Curve - Part I
The quest for Zenn-La leads the Silver Surfer to the mythical Universal Library of the Watchers, which is fraught with danger.

Episode #6 - Learning Curve - Part II
The Universal Library is infested with viruses and the Silver Surfer is forced to choose between obtaining universal knowledge or protecting his freedom.

Episode #7 - Innervisions
In order to save the planet Harmony from impending doom, the Silver Surfer must first destroy the very foundation of its existence.

Episode #8 - Antibody
Galactus is dying and only the Silver Surfer can come to his rescue. With the aid of his new herald, Nova, and a promise to help locate Zenn-La, can the Surfer’s former master be saved?

Episode #9 - Second Foundation
Nova helps the Silver Surfer to find Zenn-La, only to end up on the Skrull homeworld and embroiled in a revolution.

Episode #10 - Radical Justice
The Silver Surfer stands trial for the crimes of Galactus. Stripped of his powers, the Surfer must somehow regain them to save the planet from collapse.

Episode #11 - The Forever War
In his continual search for Zenn-La, the Silver Surfer embarks on a deadly task at the request of the Kree, helping out another hero Adam Warlock.

Episode #12 - Return to Zenn-La
Finally, the Silver Surfer finds his way to Zenn-La and his beloved Shalla Bal. Yet with some very strange behaviour, maybe this isn’t really home?

Episode #13 - The End of Eternity
The Silver Surfer leads a battle to the finish against Thanos and the end of the universe is nigh with the apparent death of the Surfer.
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