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anyone recommend a standard dvd player with a good remote control design and on-screen display? I really like Pioneer for those reasons, and had good luck with one from Walmart (lasted 10 years). When I had to replace it, I discovered they arent in stores anymore and have to be ordered online. The new model I got was buggy and lasted only 2 years. Aside from the remote and display features I like, it also had a USB input which is very handy, but I dont feel like it's a reliable brand anymore.

I know there's lots of cheap dvd players, and I've tried some from Bestbuy and Walmart, but didnt like the remotes and lack of display features. Anyone know of a reliable player with features I'm looking for? I'd go Bluray if the features I want are there, but I dont want to go overboard with an Oppo.
Thanks for any help.
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  06-06-2012, 06:00 AM
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See if your local Walmart still has the Samsung BD-D5700 for about $100-120. It's discontinued, replaced by the next model, but an excellent deal if you can find it. It plays DVDs, Blu-ray, all kind of file formats, and has WiFi net access through various apps. I watch MLB on it.

A second choice would be the Samsung BD-E5900 from Amazon. Full price is $145, but it has one of those "can't show you the price until it's in your cart" things going on. It's probably about $125.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B0076R7F1M

I remember paying $130 for my first (and all-time best ever) DVD player more than a decade ago. Same price, but much better. I hope I can get 7+ years of service from this one, too, before it starts to give out like the DVD player did.
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