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  12-31-2013, 08:40 AM
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Hello everyone, I will try and keep this short, Vista computer dies on me and required a complete restore from the factory. So I lost all my programs I used to make DVD's etc.

I was using Nero 8 but I not longer have the program to reinstall it and just do not have the cash to buy the latest version, I own a copy of Nero 6 but it is not compatible with Vista, it was a copy I bought back in the Windows XP days...it worked ...everything in the suite crashes and I try to run it then goes online to check for a solution which basically just directs me to Nero site to by the latest version because version 6 is no longer supported and I can no longer download the fix for the problem. It used to work on this same computer that crashed (the Vista) but I has SP1 then and apparently the issues is with Vista SP2 which I have on it now to stay secure and cannot get the fix since Nero 6 is no longer being supported.

So my plea or question for help is, does anyone know of a fairly simple and easy to use and preferably free program that will do what the full version off Nero 8 will do? Or it would be great if someone is kind enough to maybe send me a program they are no longer using or something I can download. I am disabled and I know a lot of you know where I am coming from regarding a situation like, all my spare funds goods to medications and doctors.

This turned out to be longer then I intended but I type like I talk, I ramble..lol...hope everyone is having some Happy Holidays...if you help me out or have any suggestions PM me or I'll keep a eye on this post.

Thanks all,
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  12-31-2013, 12:15 PM
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MKV/AVI to DVD = ConvertXToDVD
Burning = ImgBurn ... note that this is JUST the burning of the files (VIDEO_TS, data, etc)
Authoring = TMPGEnc or Ulead DVDWS2

See this: Need to replace Nero or Roxio ? - List of Free CD/DVD Burning Software

And I know exactly where you're coming from. Far, far too well.
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