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  07-29-2016, 09:04 AM
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hi, we are looking into options to cut our cable. I am wanting advice from those that have done this. what options outside of satellite are used? what is lowest cost option? It seems to me that if you want services via the internet you still have to pay fees and these seem like they can add up to the same cost as cable. any and all advice appreciated. thanks
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  07-30-2016, 12:48 AM
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Hi, This probably isn't what you had in mind because it doesn't have the variety of channels that cable, etc. has, but we just have the age old standard of an antenna. Since our antenna is an older model we have a convertor box so we can get the digital reception. The convertor box that I bought has a recording capability and can be hooked up with an external hard drive up to 3TB. If you get a digital antenna you won't need the convertor box but I'm sure it can be ho.oked up to some from of a recording device.

I'm sure there are better options out there but the cost of an antenna and recording device is minimal compared to monthly cable and satellite bills. After the initial purchase, the cost is the most economical...free.
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  08-23-2016, 12:09 PM
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Hi Stoogedog! Long time, not chat!

(BTW, I still have some recordings that I made for you back in 2010-2011 or so. Some blues band off PBS, I think. After several years, I finally pulled my HDD DVD recorder out of storage, and all of these were still there. I probably have two dozen recorded. I keep meaning to pull them off, and contact you. Time seems to elude me these days.)

Cutting the cord is easy. I did it from 2009-2012.

Although we now have cable (long story), I still rarely watch it.

- You can get Hulu, Netflix, and WWE Network for about $10 each.
- And then Archive.org and Youtube has tons of free content.
- Grey-area torrenting is also a solution for some, but be sure to use a paid VPN if you go down that route.

You can even go to many network websites, like CW. For example, CW shows 'The Flash' about a week after the network showing -- and it's free.

You have many options. Cable and satellite isn't the only game in town, and hasn't been for many years now.
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