10-29-2005, 01:37 AM
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OK...here's where I am...

I have multiple files recorded on my JVC DVD Recorder. I've transferred them to the computer (as VOBs), editted them with MPEG Video Wizard (saved as MPG).

OK...then, I tried to use DVDit 6 to build a DVD. It is supposed to pass through DVD complian files, but it wanted to encode the MPG files from MVW. Needless to say, the quality SUCKED.

So, assuming that the MPG files are actually not DVD compliant, I want to make them compliant. That is where my question comes in.

I have CCE, which is supposed to be a pretty good encoder, but it won't import MPG files and encode them. It will, however, import AVI files. Can I convert the MPG files to AVI without losing too much quality? If so, what do I use? If that isn't the right route to go, what should I do?

As always...thanks tons.

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  10-29-2005, 09:56 AM
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DVDit! 6 is a disaster waiting to happen. It probably re-encoded them because the software sucks. JVC DVD recorder files are probably the most compliant you can get, assuming you used "VIDEO mode" and not "VR mode".

For the record, CCE is not a very good encoder either, adds a lot of mosuito noise, and is very limiting on input, usually requiring advanced AVISYNTH work to get it to cooperate.

The problem is DVDit! 6. I hate it because of that flaw of re-encoding compliant MPEGs. It's ridiculous. If you bought it, get your money back.

You need to merely use another piece of authoring software. Ulead DVDWS2 would be a good choice, very advanced, yet pretty simple to use. E-mail me about this.

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